International Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights Organization

International Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights Organization (ICRIPRO) - an independent organization being fully funded internationally and one and only international platform with name and nomenclature and also as a body specifically dedicated to International Copyrights and Intellectual Properties. read more

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International Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights Organization (ICRIPRO) and other services are continuing operations though dedicated web portal, with most staff working remotely post Covid 19 Pandemic. Updates can be found via this central repository web link at

Copyright Registration

International Copyrights Registration - ICRIPRO offers comprehensive international copyright registration services, providing creators and rights holders with global recognition and protection for their creative works. By registering copyrights with ICRIPRO, individuals and businesses can establish a strong legal foundation and enforce their rights on an international or global scale.

Trademark Registration

International Trademark Registration - ICRIPRO specializes in international trademark registration, enabling businesses to secure exclusive rights to their brand names, logos, and symbols on a global scale. With ICRIPRO's comprehensive trademark registration services, businesses can establish a strong international presence and protect their valuable brand assets from unauthorized use or infringement.

Trade Secrets Registration

International Trade Secret Registration - ICRIPRO offers specialized services for international trade secret registration, safeguarding the most valuable confidential information and proprietary knowledge of businesses on a global level. Businesses can establish a solid legal framework to protect their trade secrets from misappropriation and unauthorized disclosure, ensuring the confidentiality and competitive advantage.

Patents Registration

International Patent Registration - ICRIPRO provides exclusive international patent registration services, enabling inventors and innovators to secure global protection for their groundbreaking inventions. With ICRIPRO's comprehensive patent registration, individuals and businesses can establish a strong legal foundation, preventing others from unauthorized use, manufacture, or sale of their patented inventions worldwide.

Industrial Design

International Industrial Design Registration - ICRIPRO provides exclusive services for international industrial design registration, allowing creators and businesses to protect their unique and innovative product designs globally. By registering industrial designs with ICRIPRO, individuals and companies can secure their rights, prevent unauthorized copying, and maintain a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

Geographical Indication

International Geographical Indication Registration - ICRIPRO facilitates international geographical indication registration, protecting the unique origin-based qualities and reputation of products from specific regions. Through ICRIPRO's comprehensive registration services, producers can secure exclusive rights and preserve the distinctiveness and market value.


Step No. 1: Begin by visiting the ICRIPRO website and proceed to the "Login" or "Signup" section for registration.


Proceed to Step No. 2, where you are required to navigate to the ICRIPRO dashboard.


Step No. 3: Apply for registration by following the designated process and submitting the required documentation to ICRIPRO.


Secure your rights with ICRIPRO, the leading international agency for the registration and protection of intellectual property rights, providing global recognition and comprehensive legal support to safeguard your creative works and innovations on a global scale. With ICRIPRO, you can have peace of mind knowing that your rights are effectively protected and enforced, empowering you to maximize the value and potential of your intellectual property assets.


Global Recognition: 

By registering with ICRIPRO, individuals and businesses gain global recognition and acknowledgment of their intellectual property rights, providing a strong legal foundation for protection worldwide.

Enhanced Protection: 

ICRIPRO registration offers enhanced protection against infringement and unauthorized use of intellectual property rights, deterring potential infringers and providing legal recourse in case of violations.

Access to Enforcement:

 Registered rights holders can leverage ICRIPRO's support in enforcing their intellectual property rights, including access to expert advice, evidence of registration, and guidance.

International Dispute Resolution

ICRIPRO provides a specialized arbitration, conciliation, and dispute settlement tribunal for resolving international intellectual property disputes efficiently and impartially. 

Expert Guidance and Resources

ICRIPRO offers valuable resources and expert guidance throughout the registration process, ensuring applicants have access to accurate information, requirements, and best practices related to intellectual property rights. 

Networking and Collaboration:

Registering with ICRIPRO opens doors to networking and collaboration opportunities with individuals, businesses, and organizations worldwide, fostering innovation, partnerships, and potential business growth. 


ICRIPRO offers a diverse range of courses and training programs tailored to meet the needs of individuals and professionals in the field of intellectual property rights. These include certified courses, certificate courses, diploma courses, and postgraduate certificate courses (PDC) and postgraduate diploma courses (PGD). With expert instructors and comprehensive curriculum, these programs provide participants with in-depth knowledge and practical skills to excel in their careers and navigate the complexities of intellectual property rights. Whether you are a beginner seeking a solid foundation or an experienced professional looking to expand your expertise, ICRIPRO's courses offer valuable educational opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Overall, the certificate of registration from ICRIPRO plays a crucial role in establishing ownership, protecting rights, and ensuring legal recourse in the event of infringement, making it an essential document for any individual or entity seeking comprehensive intellectual property protection.